Sandy Ramos is the Songtuner. Her songs have appeared on over 25 million CDs, having been recorded by the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Lee Greenwood, Neal McCoy, Anne Murray, & Kenny Rogers and many others. She has had multiple ASCAP writer and publisher awards as well as Billboard Top 5 & 10 hits and a #1 Dance hit with “I Brake For Brunettes” recorded by Rhett Akins.

Faith HillNeal McCoy

DON’T BE AFRAID TO PITCH TO NEW ARTISTS! ~ I was blessed to have 2 ‘solo writes’ on debut CDs. One was “Life’s Too Short to Love Like That” on Faith Hill’s “Take Me As I Am” CD and the other was “Mudslide” for Neal McCoy’s debut CD “No Doubt About it” for Atlantic Records! Both these albums were certified multi-platinum!

Dixie Chicks

After every major female artist in town passed on “Let ‘Er Rip,” I dropped a copy of the song to producer Blake Chancey who immediately put it on hold and then cut the song on the Dixie Chicks “Wide Open Spaces” debut CD! I am so grateful for all the passes we got on this song.

Ted Hewitt

“As a producer, I’ve heard a LOT of hit songs from Sandy. Not only is she a great writer, but over the years I’ve known her, I’ve known Sandy to be a lady of integrity. She truly has a gift in working with new, developing songwriters & artists in bringing out the best in them and always has their best interest at heart”

– Ted Hewitt
Lee Greenwood

“Sandy is a great songwriter, I’ve had the privilege of recording 5 of her songs and co-writing with her”

– Lee Greenwood

Is your song ready to be heard by publishers, producers and Major Label A & R reps? Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a professional demo, make sure your songs are up to industry standards! Take the time to have your songs evaluated by an established hit songwriter!

– Sandy Ramos
  • Get an honest, ‘unbiased’ opinion on your songs strengths & weaknesses
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