While there are songwriters out there who seem to be born with an incredible gift for words & music that flow effortlessly out of them like a river, MOST of us have to work at it. So how do you take your song to the next level? Songwriting is like any other skill. You get better at it the more you do it and the longer you are at it, the better you get! There are no guaranteed STEP BY STEP instructions on how to write HIT SONGS. However, I do believe there are certain ‘common features’ that all hit songs seem to have.

Song Evaluations/Critiques

Get an honest, unbiased opinion of your song’s strengths and its weaknesses. I may be known around Nashville as SONGMOM, but I’m not YOUR mom, so I’m not here to build your self-esteem. I’m here to point out specifically where your songs need help and can be improved. This is a WRITTEN EVALUATION that will break down your song and look at the following areas: Hook/Title; Idea; Structure; Lyric; Melody; Marketability. I never recommend sending in more than three songs at one time.
$30 – One Song Critique/Evaluation

Phone/Skype Evaluations

If you prefer to talk to me in person, we can review your 1-3 songs over the phone or on SKYPE. I will listen to your songs ahead of time, but it is always a good idea to play each song during the actual phone/skype session so that I can make my comments specific to each individual song and not talk in generalities.
$65 – 1 Hour
$90 – 1.5 Hours
$120 – 2 Hours


Use one hour to ask questions about the business of songwriting. Demoing, pitching songs, singing, etc. Pick my brain!!
$65 – 1 Hour
$90 – 1.5 Hours
$120 – 2 Hours

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