“Sandy is a great songwriter, I’ve had the privilege of recording 5 of her songs and co-writing with her”
-Lee Greenwood
“As a producer, I’ve heard a LOT of hit songs from Sandy. Not only is she a great writer, but over the years I’ve known her, I’ve known Sandy to be a lady of integrity. She truly has a gift in working with new, developing songwriters & artists in bringing out the best in them and always has their best interest at heart”
-Ted Hewitt, producer of Curb Recording Artist, Rodney Atkins
“I feel very fortunate to have had Sandy evaluate my song, “He Chose Me.”  I am certain her constructive critiques helped me land the song in one of the coveted slots on NSAI’s “Christmas in July” CD.  I have used other evaluation services and sat through countless listening sessions at conferences and seminars.  And, far too many times, I have come away asking myself, “Did that evaluator really even listen to my song?”  After having the chance to work with Sandy, there is no doubt, she listens.  She does not always sugar-coat it, but I believe she always has the best interest of the writer and the song in mind.   She treats all aspects of a song equally, from lyrics and melody all the way to phrasing and chord choice.  More importantly, she offers SPECIFIC ways to improve a song.  If she comes across something she thinks could be stronger, she doesn’t simply say, “I don’t like that part.”  She offers suggestions on how to strengthen it.  To me, that is priceless in an evaluation. “
-Scott Barker, Songwriter, New Mexico
“Some of the most productive and rewarding work I’ve done as a writer has been with Sandy.  Since the first time I worked with her I have felt encouraged.  Helping a writer to feel special is a gift.  Sandy wants you to make each song great and her positive “get down to the nitty gritty” style inspires and helps you to do just that.  I feel a great momentum when I’m working with Sandy.  She has made me a better writer.”
“I remember the first time I had the opportunity to write with Sandy. I thought to myself…oh crap, here’s a writer that has written some of my favorite songs by some of my favorite artists & now I’m gonna sit in a room with her & write. Well, I walked into the room & I have to say, I’ve never felt more welcome. Here is a hit songwriter taking time out to write with a newcomer and she treated me like I was the one who had the Dixie Chicks & Faith Hill hits…She’s an amazing writer & now an amazing friend. We’ve built a relationship, business and personal that has contributed to at least 3 cuts on our upcoming album. If you get the chance to work with her, meet with her or even write with her, I encourage you to do so. She WILL bring out the best in you. I can’t wait to hear what we will write in the future and I can’t wait ‘til the public gets the chance to hear what we’ve written on Country Radio!!”
-Tobi Lee, lead singer for country group “Mustang Sally”


“I have been using Sandy Ramos’ critiquing services for the past two years and have found it is an incredibly helpful way to gain constructive, practical suggestions that make my songwriting stronger. Her critiques are thorough and honest, with helpful advice on song structure and lyrical content. I am positive that I have improved as a writer in the two years that I have been using Sandy’s services-and it is in no small part, due to the fact that I have been able to find value and insight in her critiques of my material.  I would highly recommend her to any writer’s who are seeking honest, constructive feedback that will help then bring their writing to a higher level.”
-Jeremy Pike, singer/songwriter

2011 Lennon Songwriting Competition Grand Prize WinnerCountry Category- “Every Time I Hit The Bottle”

“I’ve been writing and working with Sandy for several years now & her ‘mentoring’ has made me a better writer just being around her! She is especially gifted at crafting strong melodies & is an expert at lyrical arrangement. I consider myself blessed to have Sandy’s influence on my music and my life.”
-Karen Waldrup, National Touring Artist

Songwriter of Bravo TV’s ‘Platinum Hit’


“I’ve had the privilege over the past seven years to co-write several songs and get to know Sandy.  Great lyrics, great melodies, GREAT PERSON!!
-Justin David

2005 Nashville Star finalist, currently on tour with Colt Ford