Get your songs recorded! Sound impossible? It’s not. But first you have to get them into the hands of industry professionals who can actually get them to the recording Artists. All of the Song Pluggers, Publishers and Producers associated with the SongTuner have had documented success in the music industry and can get your hit songs into the hands of the decision makers on music row as well as in the TV/Film industry!


These songs are not played in person and no one will ‘pre-screen’ your song. Your mp3 & lyric will be downloaded and forwarded on to the Music Pro of your choice along with a blank ‘feedback’ sheet for them to fill out with their comments. This feedback form will basically rate your song’s strength’s and will let you know if the Music Pro is interested in pitching your song and if not, why.

Information on how to submit your song is at the bottom of the page

The following music industry professionals will be participating. Click on each individual picture to read the bios and see the kinds of songs each industry Pro is looking for.

Independent Song Pluggers & Publishers include

Producers/Pros working directly with the artists


Jeffrey is a successful, independent song plugger who has been representing no.1 songwriters and independent publishing companies here in Nashville since 2003 . He has played songs in person for artists like Jason Aldean & Little Big Town, producers like Buddy Cannon & Tony Brown, and has met with almost every A & R rep at all the major labels in town. He is ALWAYS looking for the next big hit! This is his description of what he wants:

"Seeking contemporary country songs in either one of the three following categories:

  1. Songs with lyrics that grab you with powerful and unexpected emotional triggers that make you want to push "Repeat" to immediately experience that song again '
  2. Songs that give you goose bumps with their beautiful melodies and transparent lyrical honesty , and
  3. Rockin', up-tempos that project the lifestyle of fans of country music, in a fresh way."


Nancy began her career on Music Row in 1997 as a songplugger. She incorporated her company, Washington Street Publishing in 2005. This company focuses on pitching songs to artists of all genres as well as film and TV licensing.

She is always looking for country songs up-tempo 'current, contemporary' country radio hits and big idea songs like 'Live Like You Were Dying', “The House That Built Me” and “Jesus Take The Wheel.

Washington Street also pitches other genres of music for film/TV and advertising. Our contacts include Disney, Paramount, Warner, Fox, Lionsgate and many independent music supervisors and production companies.

Currently she is looking for:

  • Edgy, high-energy rock songs for movie trailers (prefer indie artists & bands that own their own music.)
  • High-energy dance, pop, R&B, hip hop
  • Pop songs with positive, universal themes for advertising
  • Dark, edgy rock music for shows like Banshee, Leftovers, Scream, Grimm, American Horror Story, etc.

** If you are interested in having your songs reviewed in consideration for TV & Film/Advertising placement, please click on the TV/Film Songs button for more information.


For 30 years, this lady has worked in almost every area of the music industry here in Nashville. In 2012 Debbie stepped out on her own to form her own company 'Debbie Z Entertainment'. She is representing new, aspiring songwriters & artists as well as some of the most successful songwriters in town. She has played songs in person for artists like Reba & Garth, Producers like Jimmy Richey & Doug Johnson & meets with A & R reps at all the major labels in town. This is Debbie Z's description of what she is looking for:

"I NEED HIT songs for my new publishing company. I also am always on the look-out for writers that submit songs that consistently show they have a 'fresh, engaging' writing style. I like songs that are 'out of the box' and not 'run of the mill' or 'generic' songs. I like 'unusual' hooks and songs with unexpected twists. I want 'current -sounding' contemporary mid to up-tempo hits!"


I met Ted about a year after I moved to Nashville. We have been friends and co-writers for over 25 years . Ted Hewitt is probably best known as Rodney Atkin's producer, and is responsible for putting together the multi-platinum breakthrough album "If You're Goin' Through Hell" which yielded four #1 singles. TED is ALWAYS looking for hit songs for Rodney as well as his other artists and has agreed to listen to songs sent through the Pitch to Pro Pipeline . Here is what he needs:

Rodney Atkins - always looking for the next mid - to up-tempo radio hit!

The Van Lears - Young Brother Duo - These guys are the modern Everly Brothers - Music needs to be hip, more like Keith Urban.

Matthew Ewing - Young artist from Louisiana, Soulful, not too twangy. Matt has great range!

BE SELECTIVE in what you send to Ted. If Ted likes what he hears, he will forward the 'mp3' directly to one of his artists. Demos do not need to be 'full production', but if you send a 'guitar/vocal' demo, then it needs to be 'good quality' - no scratchy worktapes!


Accomplished Guitar player, Songwriter and Producer are just three of the successful hats Leigh Reynolds has worn since he moved to Nashville. He has played guitar for artists like Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Wynonna, The Judds, etc. As a songwriter he had the hit single "That Ol' Wind" by Garth Brooks, co-written with Garth, and has had songs recorded by Reba, Emmylou Harris, and many other country and gospel artists.

As a producer, Leigh is responsible for Kevin Denney's hit singles "Cadillac Tears" and "That's Just Jesse." He produced Lyric Street Recording artist Trent Tomlinson's hit singles "One Wing in the Fire" and "Angels Like Her." Leigh also produced Brian McComas' hit single "99.9% Sure."

In the early to mid 1990's Doug Johnson, while at the helm of Giant Records, recruited Leigh to help him find songs for some of the artists signed there. Since that time, Leigh has worked in this capacity as an independent A&R Rep with Curb Records, The Judds, Alison Krauss and most recently, Wynonna. Leigh is always on the lookout for hit songs for artists he is working with and never forgets a great song. Leigh continues to have great relationships and contacts in this town. His honest feedback makes him a valuable resource for veteran and aspiring songwriters.

From Leigh: “I am passionate about songs and voices. Being true to yourself is the best way to be fresh and different. That is what makes your work stand out. If I believe in the song, I will gladly champion it.”

Sherill Blackman

Owner of sdb Music Group, Sherrill has secured Gold, Platinum & Multi-Platinum certified recordings in Country, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Bluegrass, Jazz & Polka. Sherrill has an extensive catalog of songs, so be extremely selective in what you send him to listen to!!

He knows what he wants and what he doesn't want:

"I do NOT need ballads (slow songs) in any genre. As to the Country market ~ no “Bro” Country, no trucks/tailgates, bonfires, dirt roads, etc. no novelty songs. I want writers to think lyrical depth ala “Live Like You Were Dying”, “I Drive Your Truck”, “The House That Built Me”, but in a mid to up-tempo rhythm/beat.  The melodies need to be fresh and contemporary.

I always need Bluegrass, however, it needs to be authentic, honest to God true Bluegrass.  Not fake-grass or “Country that could be Bluegrass if they produced it that way.” Just because there is a banjo on the demo doesn’t mean it’s a Bluegrass song."

Shar'n Clark

The owner of Shake 'Em Up Music, Shar'n has over 25 plus years in the music industry. Writers she has represented have had placements with numerous major label artists here in Nashville. Not only does Shar'n pitch in town to all the labels, but she also pitches to the artists producers and managers. Shar'n works closely with Film Supervisors and has had numerous placements in Film and TV. This is a description of what Shar'n looks for in a hit song:

"Up-tempo songs are always in demand, so that's what I'm always on the hunt for. If someone wants to pitch me a ballad, then lyrically it better be better than "I Hope You Dance" and it needs to have some sort of movement! I love the message of a ballad lyric to be in an up-tempo song. I like songs that have a definite contrast from verse to chorus. I can always use strong female songs!"

Michelle Attardi

Michelle Attardi is the Creative Director of the highly successful independent publishing group Dan Hodges Music. Artists that have recorded songs from DHM include Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Reba, Chris Young & most recently Keith Urban and Kelsea Ballerini. Michelle gets pitch meetings at all of the record labels in town as well as with many producers & managers.

From Michelle: "What I’m looking for is song about a familiar topic said in a different way. Up-tempo only. You always want to write about a relatable topic so you connect with your listeners but be unique about the delivery"

Justin David

Justin David is a good friend of mine and frequent co-writer. He is an incredible artist in his own right. Justin is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter who has been in the music business for 22 years and has toured with Hall Of Fame artists, Roy Clark & Jimmy Fortune, as well as Craig Morgan, Chris Cagle and country duo Joey+ Rory. He is currently band leader and tour manager for Colt Ford!

Justin is always on the lookout for hit songs for Colt Ford, however, now he will also be listening for hit songs for producer Noah Gordon, the head of A&R and VP publishing at Average Joe's Entertainment. Noah has produced both #1 Billboard Country & #1 Billboard Rap albums for Colt Ford, as well as productions for Montgomery Gentry, Bubba Sparxxx, LoCash, The Lacs, David Allan Coe, Lucy Angel, and Mud Digger compilations.

When asked what Justin looks for in a hit song he replied - "an infectious melody and lyric that makes me want to play the song over and over and over!"

Matt Lindsey

Matt Lindsey has been working successfully in the music publishing industry for over 30 years. As a song plugger, he has had songs recorded by Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, The Dixie chicks, Brooks & Dunn, Bonnie Raitt, REBA, Willie Nelson, Alabama and many, many more!

This is what Matt looks for in a hit song that is necessary for him to want to sign it to his company:

“I want songs that obviously have great lyrics and melody! Specifically, songs that have emotion that keep me on the edge of my seat wondering where it will take me next. I like songs that say something! Some examples of up-tempos I think are really good are "Calling Baton Rouge" (Garth Brooks), "I'm In A Hurry" (Alabama), mid-tempos "Time Marches On" (Tracy Lawrence) “Most People Are Good” (Luke Bryan), ballads "The Dance" (Garth Brooks) "The Song Remembers When (Trisha Yearwood) & more recently, "The House That Built Me" (Miranda Lambert) I believe songs like these are timeless and will be on the radio for years to come!”


$30 for each song submission to a Song Plugger.

You may submit up to 3 songs at a time for one song plugger, or submit a single song for up to 3 song pluggers at one time. There are no discounts for multiple submissions.

Song submissions to Ted Hewitt, Leigh Reynolds, Justin David & Matt Lindsey are $35 and can only be submitted one song at a time.